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Splocks Blocks

Splocks Blocks

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Splocks are foam building blocks created for children’s play. Soft, durable and colorful, Splocks are produced in 8” x 4” x 2” blocks large enough to build life-size structures.

Available in 4 color packs! Each pack includes 60 blocks.


    Sustainability Promise

    Our foam blocks are tightly compressed during the packaging process, allowing for efficient and eco-friendly shipping, reducing our carbon footprint during transportation.

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    • Encourages Problem Solving

      As children manipulate objects and explore through their senses, they are developing key strategies to problem solving.

    • Supporting Brain Development

      Supporting brain development, enhancing memory, complex tasks and problem solving.

    • Developing Fine Motor Skills

      Children's fine motor skills will progress through daily activities and during playtime when engaging in tasks that require grasping, holding, and pressing.

    Benefits of Splocks

    Foam building blocks are perfect for sensory learning, developing fine motor skills, learning colors and shapes and encouraging creativity. Our premium, high-quality foam blocks offer safe and gentle play for little minds. An excellent resource for daycare, preschool or playtime at home.

    Kids love to build, jump and dive into SPLOCKS! The soft foam allows them to experience deep-pressure sensations to help calm and self-regulate. Our blocks offer an inviting and safe way for kids of all ages and abilities to enhance their fine and gross motor skills while playing and having fun.