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Foam Pit Cubes (Play Pack)

Foam Pit Cubes (Play Pack)

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Our play packs of foam cubes are perfect for in-home use. They’re a great addition to any playroom. All cubes include an anti-microbial additive.

6″ cubes – Case of 64 @ $0.99 each
8″ cubes – Case of 27 @ $2.20 each

Envirolite offers competitive shipping rates across the U.S. and Canada with fulfillment centers in two locations, Phoenix, Arizona and Coldwater, Michigan.

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    Cognitive Growth

    Foam cubes are great for fostering children's cognitive development. Children can enhance their hand-eye coordination by grasping and tossing blocks, while also honing spatial awareness through activities like stacking, combining, and sorting blocks of various colors. Through these playful interactions, children deepen their comprehension of shapes, sizes, and quantities, while also unleashing their imagination and nurturing their creative abilities.