Engineered to Deliver

Our team of engineers strive to implement the most advanced technologies
to ensure a 
consistently reliable product. Our goal is to build long-term supplier and customer
relationships, while delivering the highest value products in the industry. 


Envirolite’s dedicated team of talented employees and partners are routinely working to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. From concept to completion, including engineering, manufacturing, inventory management, and supply, Envirolite’s team continually emphasizes customer satisfaction, superior quality, and delivery.  Our cutting-edge facility currently processes polyester polyurethane, polyether polyurethane, polyethylene planks and rolls, crosslinked PE (polyethylene), crosslinked EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), and Viscoelastic memory foam.  Our services include:

Angle Cutting

Contour Cutting


Cut and Sew


Foam Shredding

Heat Transfer

Water Jet Cutting

Horizontal and
Vertical Cutting

Flame Laminating

Pillow Packaging

Shrink Packaging


Vacuum Packing