Kayak Carrier Kit

Designed for fast, easy loading of kayaks,
surfboards, and sailboards.

Product Details

Envirolite’s Kayak Carrier Kit includes 2 non-skid soft foam blocks to secure your equipment and protect your car at the same time. No tools are required for installation, and there are no permanent attachments to your vehicle.

Product Specifications

Each block is made of fine cell crosslink foam. A thin layer of rubber-based anti-skid material is added to the bottom of the block to ensure safe transportation in all weather conditions. This product is completely HCFC/CFC Free.

What’s included in the kit?

2 non-skid foam blocks, 2 bow and stern cambuckle straps with bumper hooks, 1 – 15′ center strap with an attached cambuckle, 2 – 9′ block straps, and 1 reusable mesh bag for storage.

More Information

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